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What do you understand by phono-graphology?

  • Phono-graphology is the combination of phonology and graphology wherein both of them have special significance in speech and writing.
  • Phono-graphology derives from the word “phonology” that study the combination of sounds into organize units of speech and/or analyzing the pattern of sounds that found on specific language, and it also comes from the word “graphology” which means to study those provided handwriting for character analysis purposes. According to Halliday, Phonic is distinct noises or sounds while graphic means visible marks, to sum up phono-graphology is the organization of substance into meaningful events. As for me, phono-graphology is the combination of both studying the sounds patterns to determine how it was produce from syllables into larger unit of words as well analyzing the letters and the whole message through understanding a person’s characteristics in her way of writing.

2. What features are significant in a phono-graphological analysis?

  • Semantics, syntax, Phonology, and Graphology are the significant features in a phono-graphical analysis. Semantics studies on the meaning of language, it is use to define the relationship of each words in a sentence and to conclude meanings from those words. Syntax is the set of rules or principles that govern the structure of sentences in a given language, it also focuses not on grammar but focuses on the rules of sentence formation. Phonology determines how sounds are organized and used to form a group of larger units of sounds. While graphology, is the study of handwriting, for example, as used to infer a person’s character.

3. Do a phono-graphological analysis of the following text:

Elesin: Words are cheap. ‘We know you for

A man of honour. Well tell me, is this how

A man of honour should be seen?

Are these not the same clothes in which

I came among you a full half-hour ago?

Iyaloja: Richly, richly, robe him richly

 The cloth of honour is alari

 Sanyan is the band of friendship

 Boa-skin makes slippers of esteem.

Writing texts differs from the techniques or style used by the writers. As I read the text, I’ve observed that various punctuations were used in the text such periods to indicate that the sentence ends there. Commas were used also to indicate that there’s a pause between parts of the sentence, and question marks to indicate questions. Every line also starts with the capitalization of letters. The author also used correct spelling of words. Aside from that, he/she used variety of language wherein a British word was used in a sentence like the word “honour” instead of using an American English “honor”. Rhyming of words at the end of the sentence is also noticeable for example, “Richly, richly, robe him richly” and “The cloth of honour is alari”. The used of intonation in the text are also observable wherein, in the line three, “A man of honour should be seen?” is a rising intonation indicates that the author tried to question someone. While falling intonation was seen and indicates a statement such as in the line eight, “Sanyan is the band of friendship”. Stress is also apparent in the text that helps to give emphasis and importance of each syllables. Overall, the choices of words found in the texts were easy to comprehend.

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