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The speaker of the poem tried to capture the heart of his lover by describing to her the ideal life from the nature that she could experience if she will just accept the offer to live with him.

According to the poem, the speaker promises to his ‘love’ that they are going to enjoy the pleasures that they could get from living in the valleys, hills, grooves, fields, mountains, and woods. He promises to her that they would sit on the rocks, while watching the sheep as they eat their foods and listening to the birds who sings a very sweet song near on the waterfalls coming from the river nearby. He also gives a promise that he will make a beautiful bed made out of roses, fresh and fragrant group of flowers. Then, make a cap that made out of flowers and sew a dress having a leaves of myrtle embroidered to it. He also promises that he will make a gown made from the best and top-quality wool trim from a group of lambs, and decided to make also a slipper, that its buckles or clasps made out of gold. Promise to make a belt made out of straw and ivory buds having coral clasps and decorated with jewels like ambers. This promises will be fulfilled only if the lover of the speaker will come and live with him, spend the rest of their lives together in a peaceful and abundant farm.

2. How did the speaker of the poem interplay love and nature?

The speaker both used love and nature in the poem to simply explain to his lover the life that she could get through giving materialistic things made out from nature, believing that his lover will come and live with him anticipating that the exquisiteness of nature can convince her to live in the woods or fields. He manages to picture out the life being in the countryside by making a lot of promises and the pleasures entangled to it. Love in the simplicity of nature feels comforting and peaceful and maybe the speaker wants his lover to feel it in his own arms, embracing the life he’s used to lived. Offering things that nature could provide for them is refreshing both to the mind and heart. Love and nature really suits with each other since it both attractive and super ideal.

3. Do you consider this poem romantic? Why or why not?

Yes, I find this poem very romantic that I keep on reading it while feeling the love and joy that the speaker inflicts on my system. Since, I was born in the comfort of nature because both of my parents are great farmers, I was deeply touch by the poem and the speakers promises towards his lover which very soothing to hear and pleasing to the eyes. It is indeed a romantic, because the speaker tried to seduce and convince his lover by describing the attention and pleasures she could get from living in a countryside. He expresses his intense love by sketching a life wherein his lover already a part of it. He can imagine and hoping himself living with the love of his life in the rural place enjoying everything that nature could provide for them. And based on experience, it’s really breathtaking and relaxing whenever I open my eyes in the morning seeing our gardens full of leafy vegetables, hearing the chirps of the birds and feeling the cold breeze of fresh air. All of those are my gems, how much if you have someone ready to love and live with you in this kind of setting, a happy without ending. The speaker is indeed a romantic and loving person.

4. What is the conflict established between the speaker and his beloved? Support your


The conflict established between the speaker and his beloved is the life status of the speaker in the poem. We all know that the speaker tried so hard to convince his beloved to come and live with him somewhere in the countryside by making a lot of promises. We just don’t know his status in life, whether his poor or successful.  We don’t know if he can really provide everything to his lover, and have no idea if he is true to his words, who could tell if he’s a scam or a big liar. Another thing is, he just convinces his beloved to come and live with him in the farm without knowing if this lover of him love to stay in that place too. We are not certain if how much prosperous his life is and if he’s indeed a man with principles to do everything he promised to his lover once it decided to come and live with him in that kind of living and lifestyle.

5. Do you think the speaker will be able to fulfill his promises to his beloved? Why or

why not?

For me, my answer is no. I strongly believe that the speaker will not be able to fulfill his promises to his beloved because promises were meant to be broken. Men always give promises but the truth is that they are only bluffing to lure women. They will just fool you by encouraging or seducing that if you go or live with him, you will only feel everlasting happiness but the sad truth is, yes you will feel and experience it at first, but soon it will fade because of different reasons. But in the poem, the speaker tried to seduce his lover by telling all the good things that nature could provide for them. For me, this kind of promises are only temporary because materialistic things are only enjoyable for the mean time but it will fade soon.  And his promises are too exaggerated.

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