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Task-based Learning in the Classroom

Task-based Learning in the Classroom

Task-based Learning in the Classroom. In a traditional classroom, students are seated around a teacher who instructs them in the basics of a subject.

Each student takes notes and studies independently. This can be a challenge for children with ADHD, dyslexia, or other learning differences who may find this method difficult to keep up with. And it can be even more challenging for children who have an idea of what they want to learn but need guidance in actually progressing towards their goal.

Families and schools have been using task-based learning as an alternative to traditional teaching methods for many years now because when tasks are personalized and individualized to meet the needs of both the teacher and learner, students feel engaged throughout both content acquisition and evaluation.

Task-based Learning in the Classroom environment, there is a learning task that is directly connected to the real world. Students have the freedom to choose whichever activities they would like in order to complete this learning task. The biggest difference from other methods is that in a task-based learning environment, there’s no direct focus placed upon grammar or vocabulary. Therefore, students who struggle with one or both of these areas have no additional stress placed upon them during language acquisition.

Task-based Learning in the Classroom Few Examples:

Task 1: “You are the CEO of a large company and need help with a new product design. You send an email to all suppliers requesting details about available material from each one. You need to use the internet to collect this information.”

Task 2: “You are looking for a new place in which to live in the next six months. You have received an email from an estate agent inviting you to take part in an online survey about your ideal home. You need to use the internet to find out about living in different countries and different areas of the same country.”

Task 3: “You are planning a trip around Europe over two weeks with your family. You have received several brochures advertising hotels, apartments and guest houses near the most famous landmarks in Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Poland.

#Question How does task-based learning work?

Task-based learning is the process of teaching students how to do something with an explicit goal in mind. This style of learning is widely studied and many experts agree that it helps people understand the material better than traditional lectures. Often, task-based learning is completed through computer software, webpages, or interactive programs that each have different purposes.

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