Monday, 20 Sep 2021

Study J.P. Clark’s Poem “Night Rain”



Direction: Read and answer the items below.

Study J.P. Clark’s Poem “Night Rain” and explain how its rhythm suggests some meanings.


Poets use this to add excitement to the sound of a poem.

It is the imitation of natural sounds by words.

Example: You can hear her holler and whine cry.

Her voice is thin and her moan is high,

And her crackling laugh or her barking cold

Bring terror to the young and old

(Margaret Walker, Molly Means)

Explain the onomatopoeia in the poem.

– Some of the words use in the poem whose sound suggest the sense and add interest to the readers are holler and whine in the first line of the poem. It shows that these two words add the intensity and how someone cry with too much emotions. Then on the second line, the word “thin” and “high” is an onomatopoeia in which it helps to name the force or amount of someone’s voice and moan through providing the vocal imitation of the sound associated with it. On the third line, cracking laugh and barking cold are the onomatopoeias. In overall, the poem by J.P Clark’s poem “Night Rain” uses onomatopoeia to add attraction to his work and to picture out what the writer’s trying to tell.

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