Monday, 20 Sep 2021

Proving Two Triangles are Congruent

By definition, two triangles are congruent if and only if all their corresponding parts are congruent.

  1. What are the ways to prove triangle congruence? a. For any triangle b. For right triangles

b. for right triangles

  • What are the two congruent triangles in Activity 1 and 2?

Ans: Activity 1: PQR equal SQR

Ans: Activity 2: PMJ equal OMI

  • How can you prove that the two triangles are congruent?

Two triangles are congruent if their vertices can be paired so that

corresponding sides are congruent and corresponding angles are


  • Reflection
  1. What have you learned from the lesson?

CPCTC is an acronym for corresponding parts of congruent triangles

are congruent. It is commonly used at or near the end of a proof which

asks the student to show that two angles or two sides are congruent.

  • How can you apply it to real-life situation/s?

Through the use and prove triangle congruence as well as you can write formal proofs to establish and justify triangle congruence.

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