Saturday, 19 Jun 2021


Maintenance of Homeostasis •Nervous system •Controls and coordinates bodily activities that require rapid responses. •Detects and initiates reactions to changes in external environment and internal environment. •Endocrine system •Secreting glands of endocrine regulate by release of hormones.

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Delivering a Prepared or Impromptu Talk

Public speaking is an indispensable life skill that we should develop. We often speak to express what we feel, to argue our beliefs and principles, to state our needs, etc. Having the confidence to speak and being a good public speaker is an edge in interviews, contests, and many other tasks. It even enhances your […]

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My Weekly Journal

I read reviewed articles and watched videos until there were no more, all in search of better knowledge. My life experiences thus far, regarding information about Science and English, have always been on the opposite end of being dealt with daily life. Learning about the difference of time from a country to another, was quite […]

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