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Non-Verbal Communication

Non-Verbal Communication

Non-Verbal Communication. The act of non-verbal communication is often thought to be about only the body language. However, it’s more than that.

This type of communication also includes a person’s intentional and unintentional choices in clothing, grooming, posture, environment and many other things. It’s a way that people can send a message without using words or gestures because there is a hidden meaning behind the way their clothes match with their surroundings.

Non-Verbal Communication. Research has shown that the way people dress and groom themselves for a job is significant. Participants that dressed more professionally were viewed as more competent than those that didn’t. Clothing such as suits and ties, collared shirts and long dresses are seen as the most professional ways to dress for employees.

However, these clothing choices can also affect our perception of whether or not we think a person is trustworthy. More formal clothing suggests someone who is more likely to be on time and will pay attention to whatever they are doing or saying. Research has shown that people who dress well tend to be more respected by others because they seem preoccupied with their appearance and it makes them seem more intelligent. The way someone dresses can make others perceive them as more intelligent because it suggests that they paid attention to high-level concepts and were able to learn it well.

The clothing someone wears can make others see them as more polite and therefore, more trustworthy. Research has also shown that people who dress professionally tend to be perceived as smarter than those who don’t, and that people who wear formal clothing tend to feel more powerful than those who don’t.

Non-Verbal Communication. The clothes we wear say a lot about our personality, and many people use this information for their own benefit.

For example, wearing expensive clothing is associated with having good taste and being wealthy. Wearing designer labels such as Gucci, Prada and Ferragamo suggests that a person has good taste and is therefore, intelligent. If someone dresses more extravagantly than others around them, it makes them seem more interesting and unique.

Studies have also found that people who dress well tend to be viewed as more attractive. This has been shown throughout the years with the styles of clothing that are popular with men, women and children.

For example, research has shown that girls who wear make-up tend to be perceived as more attractive than those who don’t wear make-up because it suggests a person who cares about their appearance. On the other hand, those who wear bold or bright colors are seen as more energetic or happy.

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