Thursday, 18 Jul 2019

Motivation Quotes That Will Uplift You

The four blessed looks:
– Look back and thank God
– Look forward and trust God
– Look around and serve God
– Look from within and find God


Minsan mahirap ibalik ang nangyari na..
Mahirap magsisi kung huli na ang lahat..
Minsan mahirap umiwas kung mahal mo na talaga..
Pero mahirap din magmahal kung di naman talaga ikaw ang minamahal nya..


Ang love parang work.
Mahirap pero masaya,
Maraming kakompitensya,
Pero kinakaya,
May day off..
Tapos minsan, may bonus pa..
Eh, pano kung pagod ka na?
Magreresign ka ba?


“Di mo naman kailangang gawin lahat para maging masaya.
Kailangan mo lang alagaan yung nagpapasaya sayo.
Kung nahihirapan ka run.
Di ka talaga masaya.
Akala mo lang.”
–Bob Ong


I may not have the widest arms
To hug you when problems come your way.
I may not have the best shoulder for you to cry on
But I do have the biggest heart to keep you.


We think that there’s always tomorrow
So we don’t expose our feeling today
We don’t take the chance..
But sometimes, we gotta go for it today and be urgent
Because who we love,
What we feel,
And what we have today,
May all change or be gone the next day.


One thing we’ve got to learn is that no person is better than the other.
Some are blessed with knowledge,
Some with beauty,
Some with great wealth,
Some with strength,
And some with a unique gift from God that they have yet to find,
The essence is not your rank or greatness
But being who God made you to be radiantly beautiful inside.




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