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Literary Production During the American Period in the Philippines

  1. What are the significant developments in the literary production during the American Period in the Philippines?

Colonizers brought new changes and developments in the Philippine literature wherein new literary forms such as free verse in poetry, modern short story and essays were introduced. Americans deeply influenced most Filipinos in terms of using English as the medium of instructions in all schools and brought modernism in literary writings. This new changes were help most of the Filipino poets and artist in showcasing their talents in using free verse and one of them is Angela Manalang Gloria, a poet who used free verse in her works that talks about the explicit love. And in addition, numerous Filipino literary works during American period use English as their language to write various worthy literature.

  •  Jose Garcia Villa defied all styles in writing that disappoints other writers who are more concerned with the utilitarian aspect of literature. Discuss briefly what does “utilitarian aspect of literature” means.

Utilitarian literature is used to explain a utilitarian philosophy that argues that the action promoted provides for the betterment of society as a whole. The original examples of utilitarian literature are the essays, books and treatises written by Bentham, Mill and others who shared their philosophy.

  • Cite some reasons why writing in vernaculars continued in the provinces despite of literary development?

Since a lot of changes and developments in the Philippine literature due to the influences brought by the colonizers in different periods, writing in vernacular still continued in the provinces because there are still writers who use this language as their medium in writing and it was successive published in any weekly magazines before. Some of the writers who didn’t neglect writing in vernacular is Lope K. Santos, who wrote minimal narratives similar to the early Tagalog short fiction in the provinces to preserve our own culture in terms of producing literary works.     

  • Explain briefly the phrase “indirectly engendered a disparaging attitude” and why it created tension in the contemporary period of literature in the Philippines.
  • Do you agree with Salvador P. Lopez’s criticism on his essay in 1940 with his “Literature and Society.” which posited that art must have substance contradictory to Villa’s adherence to “Art for Art’s Sake” and called it decadent? Why? Why not?

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