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Language of Prose

Point of view is the one who narrates and tells the story wherein it could be from the point of view of first person, second person and third person.

Narrator’s point of view is essential to help in determining the main events in the story. The first person point of view, we commonly use the pronouns “I” when a narrator is referring to himself or herself in the story. They are the person who narrates the happenings and also one of the characters in the story. It could be the writer’s personal standpoint. The second person point of view is addressing his/her readers in the story. The word “you” is used from this point of view. While the third person point of view, is the reference of all the characters cited in the story and use third person pronouns like “he”, “she, “they” and “it”.

2. Define foregrounding, giving some examples.

Foregrounding refers to the idea of creating certain features noticeable in a text. It is used to add an unusual and unique idea to the language. Thus, foregrounding can manifest in various ways in a text. These include unusual capitalization, italicization, bold words, contractions, underlining, picture/art works and so on. We can say that the use of these foregrounding devices creates some visual imagery which adds to the memorability of a text. Foregrounding has psychological effects to readers since it gives them another form of art in writing. One example of foregrounding is the opening line from a poem by Roethke, ranked high (for the presence of foregrounding): ‘I have known the inexorable sadness of pencils.’ The pencils are personified; it contains an unusual word, ‘inexorable’; it contains repeated phonemes such as /n/ and /e/’ (Miall 2007). Another example, On JANUARY 26 I stand. January 26 is the foregrounded item because it was written in all caps or unusual capitalization. There’s no comma

3. What are the general features of the language of prose fiction?

Prose is a written language in its ordinary form without metrical structure. Prose fiction are imaginative form of writings that a person often uses with usual language. We usually see prose fiction in the forms of novels, short stories, and other literary works which consist of characters, setting and etc.

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