Saturday, 8 Aug 2020

Jessica Chastain Acquires More Skills During Quarantine Day

Jessica Chastain posted series of video from her Instagram account on how to cope with skills during quarantine day.

Latest video of her talks about new invention, she called it ‘quarantini’.

“I invented a new drink called a quarantini. It’s like a martini but it’s just tequila, in shot form, chased by lime, and it’s mandatory for everyone you’re quarantined with.”

” Genius right? Sometimes I amaze myself. #NationalTequilaDay”

The second video of her, talks about how she took care of herself as “pro” at testing herself for COVID-19.

“Happy to get back to work!”

“I’ll shove a tip up my nose to my brain any day to ensure everyone’s on-set safety. I hate this but I love them more. 😷❤️”

Stay fit during quarantine days, Jessica Chastain chooses to maintain good health and sexy through workout at home.

“I never skip leg day… just fast forward through it sometimes.”


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