Tuesday, 25 Feb 2020

Hiring Elementary Teacher in Atlanta, GA

Hiring Elementary Teacher in Atlanta, GA

US Certified Elementary teachers needed now and in August 2020 in Kuwait. You get a tax free salary of $34,000 – 45,000, free furnished apartment, free medical insurance, flights every year and a 1 year contract that’s renewable.

Because the salary is tax free and the package includes housing and medical, all the money you earn goes into your pocket every month. You only pay for food, which is how most teachers save at least $20,000 each year.

American schools are very popular in Kuwait. You will enjoy small class sizes, few behavior problems and lots of sunshine. Salaries in Kuwait are on average 20% higher than in other places in the Gulf such as Dubai or Abu Dhabi making it a top money-saving destination for serious teachers.

This particular school uses the American curriculum, is well resourced and friendly, and has a low turnover of staff making this a great opportunity.


  • You must be a certified Elementary teacher in the US or Canada
  • You must have a clear criminal history (this is a visa requirement)
  • You must be under 60 years of age at the time the contract starts (another visa requirement)

Talk to one of our Edvectus consultants about Kuwait and how you can save thousands of dollars by teaching internationally.

About Edvectus:
Edvectus is a company founded and staffed by internationally experienced ex-teachers and our services are free to teachers. You can find out more about all of our jobs and register online to apply at www.edvectus.com

About Kuwait:
Kuwait is in many ways a typical Middle Eastern country. It’s full of high rise building, shops and restaurants on every corner, and a convenient lifestyle with the average teacher able to afford taking taxis everywhere, engaging a house cleaner, and delivery to your doorstep of everything from groceries to fast food.

But it’s also unique.

If Dubai is your supermodel cousin who is unattainable and maybe, dare I say, a bit inauthentic at times, Kuwait is your steadfast cousin who might not rock the latest hairstyles, but who can cook the world’s best lasagne and is the one you call when you need a real friend.

Better known Dubai is geared for tourism with the tallest this and largest that, Kuwait is not a tourist destination, so many teachers discount it. But teachers are going to work and teach, not as a tourists and Kuwait is a very liveable city. It is a very safe, working city where the people you see in shops and restaurants are locals, not passing through. It’s friendly and accessible. Small enough to be able to make friends easily but large enough to have expat clubs for everything from crocheting to salsa dancing to Gaelic football to bicycling and everything in between.

Kuwait is unique in its ability to welcome newly graduated teachers, and for the higher quality of school a teacher with western training and experience can command. The schools we work with have been carefully chosen over time to give teachers a great start to their international teaching careers and they provide a solid starting point for their international journey in the Middle East.

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