Tuesday, 24 Sep 2019

Friendly Quotes That Will Restore Your Heart

“How do friends help us in problem?

-They give the most stupid suggestions that will make us laugh and forget the problem.”

“Friends are the ones who tolerate your worst MOOD.

-Manages to smile on your idiot JOKE.

-Tries to understand your craziest DREAM.

-And knows the biggest reason behind your smallest TEARS.”


“Everytime I stare at my friends, I smile.

N0t because they are funny but because I am happy to have them in my life.”

“I may not be your most
romantic best friend nor
someone special to be
proud of, But for keeping
me as your friend is an enough
reason for me to say,
“Thanks for letting me occupied
a space in your life.”

“If  friendship is the only way
to make you stay,
then I’ll be your friend
even if I love you more
than that way.”


“Friendship without bullying
is absolutely boring.”

I may not be the most
person in your life…
I just hope that when you
hear my name…
you smile and say
That’s My Friend!!!

Though mile may lie between us
we are never far apart, for
friendship doesn’t count miles
its measured by the heart 😉

A friend is one who

strengthens you with prayers,
blesses you with love,
and encourages you with hope.


Fake friends are no different than shadows, 
they stick around during your brightest moments, 
but disappear during your darkest hours…

“If friendship is your weakest point then
you are the strongest person in the world.”

“Never play with the feelings of your friends because you may win
the game but the risk is that you will surely loose your friends for life time.”

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