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Evaluate Multimodal Texts

Evaluate Multimodal Texts

Evaluate multimodal texts. What are some examples of multimodal texts? Texts can be visual and auditory or they can have both modes integrated into them or they may have one mode that stands out from the rest of the modes in the text. If there is only one mode present then it would not be considered multimodal because it would only contain one mode.

One example of a text with multiple modes is when you watch a video with sound and you see what’s happening on screen at the same time. Multimodal texts can also be texts that contain both visual and auditory modes because they are able to communicate to the user through sight or sound.

Some multimodal texts may have several different modes included in them. If you take for example a song with lyrics, you can look at it as a multimodal text because it contains both visual and auditory modes.

Evaluate Multimodal Texts. Although there are many different types of multimodal text that exist, this article will focus on how to evaluate them since that matter is what is being investigated in the study done by the University of Antwerp in Belgium.

The main purpose of this research was to investigate if in addition to what has been previously stated, multimodal texts differed in terms of the amount of information they contained. Another goal was to compare the different characteristics between two multimodal texts English translation and German translation.

Evaluate Multimodal Texts. The hypothesis for this study was that the fewest number of words would be used in German translation compared to English translation. Most multimodal texts therefore involve language, because there are many different languages that people speak around the world therefore the researchers were investigating if there is any difference between two translations English translation and German translation.

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