Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019

Best Inspirational Quotes

Neither I can buy happiness nor I can sell sorrow to anyone,
yet I do not know why I go to earn everyday !!

Those who keep complaining about shikwe and tongue in their hearts,
they have the power to carry on every relationship !!

The one who
supports the wrong , is also a wrong person !!

Sometimes I do not know what is at stake
, after losing, one realizes that many have been lost !!

Cigarettes fell on the ground, today I have this condition because of you,
tomorrow I will have this condition of yours !!

When he was younger, he got carried away in big things,
and when he grew up, he got divided into small things !!

By selling blood, who brought up the family,
he went to bed hungry when the children became earners !!

It is very difficult to forget two things,
one wound and the other attachment !!

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