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  1. The speaker really believes that his lover is much desirable than summer. I find it ironic since the speaker of the poem tried to compare the beauty of his love to a summer day.
  • He explains that she is more lovely and temperate than summer, which summer days for me are the finest season wherein flowers bloom, having warm weather, and doing endless exciting activities are the loveliest thing I had ever experienced and seen. We all know that summer is nice but the speaker describes it in the poem as eventually changing and doesn’t last long enough, since winter season will then take over. He explains that during summer, rough winds annoy the flowers that grow and the sun is too hot that people may find it harsh and all things will be viewed as less beautiful to point out that his love is more tempting and exquisite than summer.  Aside from that, one of the paradox we may find in the poem is that the speaker told us that death will take her away from him, since it is inevitable. She dies but actually she doesn’t, as long as there are readers who keeps on reading this poem, it will live and she will live too from it. This will give her immortal life remembering her existence and beauty which possess qualities that can surpass to a summer day.)

What is the message of the poem that the author wants the reader to know?

  • (The message of the poem that the author wants the reader to know is that how much he loves his beloved to the point he praises her beauty and compare it to a summer day in many ways. It also teaches us about fearing to die since we will be forgotten by everyone. But, in the case of the speaker, he claims that the presence and beauty of his love will remain and never die since he already memorialized and made her immortal through his poetry. The speaker also notes that his lover’s beauty has qualities that exceeds a summer day. Telling us that she’s lovelier and more pleasant compare to a summer day.)

Based on the poem, how would you describe Shakespeare’s style of writing poetry?

  • (Based on the poem, Shakespeare style of writing poetry is very witty and creative enough to steal the reader’s whole attention. Shakespearean sonnets are made to awaken all the emotions of every reader through the words that are so powerful that can touch one’s heart, and this sonnet remains ageless despite of various poems that arises in every generation. According to some scholars, sonnet 18 was written in a Petrarchan style which in the first line of the poem, the speaker asks a question if he would compare his love to a summer day and the rest of the lines was made to answer that question. And aside from that, the poet is able to find the exact words to describe and preserve his love’s beauty. He’s very skillful and expert in writing poetry wherein most of his works were quoted in some instances and loved by those who adored him. He uses words that gives you motivation and inspires you especially in the field of love to be intimate and romantic towards your love ones since life is too short for you to enjoy.)

What are the different themes explored by Shakespeare in this sonnet? Support your

answer by citing a text from the poem.

  • (One of the themes which being explored by Shakespeare in this sonnet is eternal love. Shakespeare adored his love’s beauty that’s why he immortalized her through his poetry. Her beauty is not going to fade since he publicizes for everyone to know and will be not forgotten by putting all of this into a verse. She will be remembered and her beauty will not diminish as long as there are people who will read his poetry. It was supported a text from the poem, “So long as men can breathe or eyes can see, So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.” Shakespeare also started to compare his lover to a summer day which he stated that she is lovelier than summer days. And continue on praising her through claiming that her qualities can surpass the summer, and it was found on the rest parts of the poem.)

 In the last two lines of the poem, how does the speaker deal with the test of time? What

can be preserved in time?

  • (The speaker deal with the test of time in the last two lines of the poem through ending the poem by focusing on the beauty and qualities that his love has in which he preserved it through his poetry. Saying, that as long as his poetry exist, her existence and beauty will be remembered. His beloved’s beauty exceeds summer and times, since Shakespeare is certain that his poetry will last and well-known across time. He assured that his love towards his beloved and his skills in writing secured that her loveliness and beauty will preserved in various ages. Death may be hindrance of her beauty and presence, she may die but she will still able to live through the words that keeps on remembering her.

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